The beautiful and inspirational singing of the nuns of the Convent of St. Elizabeth the Grand Duchess of Russia, in Etna, California, is now available on CD, after many requests from those who have heard the voices of the convent choir.

No. 1: Festal and Select Hymns

This first CD features Paschal and Festal hymns sung in Arabic, English, Greek, Slavonic, and Swedish, providing inspirational music for a wide variety of Orthodox in a traditional style.

$8.50 (60 minutes)

No. 2: Hymns and Carols of Nativity

This second CD features carols sung in English, Ukrainian, and Greek, and hymns sung in English and Greek.

$9.99 (60 minutes)

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Festal and Select Hymns

Hymns and Carols of Nativity

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