All hand-painted Icons have gold leaf backgrounds. We also accept special and customized orders. Please contact us directly for further details.

For a large sampling of our hand-painted Icons, you may wish to look at those which are sold as prints. Please click here for a complete listing of our printed Icons.

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Icon details:

Full Figure: figure is depicted from head to foot.

Half Figure: figure is shown in bust form, from head to waist.

Raised Frame: Icon border is raised to create a distinct frame.

Triptych: three Icons, side-by-side, hinged such that the two outer Icons fold over the larger central Icon. Ideal for travel, since the surfaces of the images are protected when the triptych is folded.

Relief Work: a process in which various surface decorations on the Icon are raised and then painted and/or gilded. Relief patterns may range from simple accents around a halo to complex and detailed pieces that constitute the major portion of an Icon. More ornate types of relief and decoration, such as the rose border on the Icon of the Theotokos “Flower of Incorruption,” are also available. Rhinestones may also be added to relief work.

Epitaphioi (Plashchanitsi): A shroud with the image of the Savior, venerated on Great and Holy Friday, painted on canvas, with an ornately embroidered border. Also available fully embroidered (Icons and border, all work of museum quality). See the embroidery section. Shrouds may also be ordered for the Feast of the Dormition of the Theotokos or the Feast Days of the repose of various Saints.

Stavromenoi (Crucifixes): Painted in two styles: in the simpler form, the figure of the Crucified Christ is painted and attached to a varnished wooden cross; the complex style features a raised Crucifixion Icon on an ornate background Cross.

Mosaic style Icons: Specially painted and varnished to simulate the effect of a true mosaic.

Feast Day Icons: Festal Icons are usually painted with added ornamentation.

If you want us to use a particular prototype, please include a copy of it with your order.

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