Embroidered in traditional Byzantine style. Fine-stitched on a background of velvet. A wide range of sizes, from small Icons, simply and attractively framed, to large wall Icons, which can be used as tapestries.

Full Figure: figure is depicted from head to foot.

Half Figure: figure is shown in bust form, from head to waist.

Also available: appliqués for vestments, analogion covers, etc.

Epitaphioi (Plashchanitsi) (Great and Holy Friday Shroud) are one of our specialities. They can be made in a variety of combinations of painting and embroidery: with painted faces, with a fully-painted Icon, etc. All have ornately embroidered borders with beads and rhinestones. The fully-embroidered epitaphioi (museum quality work) are our most popular. Please click the thumbnail in the column at right to see various examples.

Wall Tapestries are large embroidered Icons, designed to be hung on a wall. See photograph at right. Please enquire about prices.


Prices for embroidered Icon with attractive wooden frame

Size Half Figure Full Figure
5" x 7" $200.00 $225.00
8" x 10" $350.00 $400.00
11" x 14" $600.00 $700.00
14" x 18" $800.00 $900.00
18" x 24" $1,000.00 $1,100.00

Prices for Icons of Feast Days

Size Price
8" x 10" $750.00
11" x 14" $1,250.00
14" x 18" $1,570.00
18" x 24" $1,950.00

Prices for Embroidered Epitaphioi

Size Single Figure Six Figures
12" x 20" $1,000.00 $3,000.00
14" x 24" $1,750.00 $5,250.00
16" x 27" $2,270.00 $6,810.00
18" x 30" $2,850.00 $8,550.00

Additional sizes are available on request. Due to a variety of styles and ornamentation, prices for embroidered Epitaphioi and Feast days are approximate.

If you want us to use a particular prototype, please provide it with your order.

To order embroidered Icons (both in the U.S. and outside the U.S.), please contact us directly by e-mail, or telephone.

Shipping and handling:

-Sizes under 14" x 18": add 10% to price of Icon. Minimum $10.
-Larger Icons: add 5% to price of Icon. Minimum $15.
-Additional shipping and handling fees are required for international orders.


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