Skouphia (skoufia) (light washable wool-blend, crease resistant):
• Greek style: $40.00
• Romanian style: $50.00
• Russian style: $30.00
• Russian style (velvet): $35.00
• Russian style (medium weight, cotton blend): $25.00
• Russian style (lined): add $15.00

A small red rayon Cross can be embroidered on the front of the skouphos/skoufia at no additional cost.

Kalymmavchi[on] (Kamalavka):
• Greek monastic style: $80.00
• Greek style with rim: $100.00
• Russian style (black only): $105.00
• Russian style (color other than black): $115
• Russian style (velvet, any color): $125

• Monk's Epikalymmavchi[on] (koukouli[on] or veil) (Greek or Russian): $150.00

• Nun's Koukouli[on] (veil): $150.00
• Headwrappings: $20.00
• Veil (epimandyli[on]): $65.00

Cassocks (Rasa, Podrazniki and Riassi)

Inner Cassock:
• Greek isorason (anteri, zostiko) (pocket on left breast): $180.00
• Russian podraznik: $200.00

Outer Cassock:
• Greek exorason: $185.00
• Russian riassa: $205.00

Short Outer Cassock (Vest or konto):
Three styles of vests are available:

• Buttoned front with covered button placket, two patch-style pockets; feather-weight taffeta half-length lining.: $80.00.

• Overlapping style, fastened only at the neck with two button loops; feather-weight taffeta half-length lining: $80.00

• Reversible, overlapping style with same fabric inside and out: $120.00

Greek Style Nun's Habit:
• Skirt and sakkos: $185.00
• Outer cassock (exorason): $180.00


• Great Schema (with polystavrion): $450.00
• Small Schema: $150.00
• Paramandyas (with wooden Cross): $150

Fabric Options:

Choose one of our high quality, machine wash/dry, wrinkle-resistant fabrics:

Cotton/Poly Poplin: A crisp, shirt-weight option for inner cassocks and vests in warmer climate.

Poly Poplin: Light-weight, 100% polyester; a soft, full drape for an easy-care cassock or monastic mandya.

Cotton/Poly Twill: A sturdy, medium-weight, denim-like fabric for long-wearing, all-season inner cassocks and vests.

Gabardine: Medium-weight cotton/polyester/spandex; a comfortable, softly draping option for elegant inner and outer cassocks and vests.

Poly Silk: Medium-weight 100% polyester faux silk; the look of silk without the wrinkles; a versatile choice for all apparel.

Wool Gabardine: Medium-weight, polyester/wool gabardine. Add $45.00

Tropical: Very light-weight polyester/wool tropical blend. Add $45.00.

Trim Options:

• Crocheted trim on the cuffs, breast pocket, and chest panel add $45.00.
• Cording on the cuffs, breast pocket, and chest panel, add $35.00.
• Embroidered accents on cuffs and chest panel add $45.00.

Note: Colors other than black are available at a 15% surcharge.

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Nun’s Koukoulion

Exorason &


Russian Riassa

Great Schema

Small Schema