Macintosh: If you are using Safari, you already have color management. Simply ensure that your monitor is calibrated. If you are using Microsoft Internet Explorer 5, you will need to enable color management:

Mac OS X: Choose Preferences from the application menu, click on "Web Content," and check "Use ColorSync (TM)."

Mac OS 9: Choose Preferences from the Edit menu, click on "Web Content", and check "Use ColorSync (TM)."

To calibrate your monitor:

Mac OS X: Open System Preferences, click on "Displays," choose the "Color" tab in the resulting window, click on the "Calibrate..." button and follow the instructions.

Mac OS 9: Open the Monitors control panel via the Apple menu, click on the "Color" button, then click on the "Calibrate..." button, and follow the instructions.

Firefox: Firefox does not support color management.

Windows: Windows web browsers do not support color management. You may, however, download images and open them in a color-managed application.